Wildfire smoke prompts health concerns in Chattahoochee Valley


COLUMBUS, Ga — The drought is certainly taking its toll in the form of wildfires. However, those fires not only cause safety concerns; they cause health problems.

A wildfire broke out in Marion County Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, officials contained it without injury or substantial property damage.

But smoke lingering from the blaze and even fires like it burning in north Georgia and neighboring states take a toll on people with breathing problems.

“It’s so important if you see that it’s smoky outdoors, or you can smell smoke in the air, just avoid being outside,” says Pam Kirkland, PR and Information Coordinator for the West Central Health District of Georgia.

“The leaves are still going to be there tomorrow, the next day, next week. Try to stay indoors. Let the children play inside because it affects children and the elderly.”

If you have breathing problems and must be outside on smoky days, health experts recommend wearing a mask. Look for ones with “N-95” on the labels. They’re better able to catch particles in the air. Such masks are available at most home improvement stores.


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