Temperature Ups and Downs

Temperatures will be quite warm for a few days, as we await the weekend cold front that will bring a sudden change but unfortunately no rain for us.

Smoke and haze may develop into a problem for some parts of our area today, as a minor shift in the wind direction could bring smoke from wildfires north of Atlanta all the way down into the Columbus area.  Particulate count locally was in the Moderate range as of early morning, but any addition of smoke could create a return to unhealthy air quality.

Warm temperatures are slated for the remainder of this work week, pushing highs close to 80º Thursday and Friday, while a significant late fall storm system intensifies over the northern Midwest.  That system will send a front tracking eastward, passing Columbus early Saturday and exiting Georgia by late in the day.  Cooler air will pour in behind the front on gusty northwesterly winds, and we’ll enter a period of much cooler days and chilly nights that could potentially bring the first freeze of the season to some locations.

The Midwest system is expected to bring near blizzard conditions to sections of the Dakotas and Minnesota on Friday and may produce thunderstorms in the warm sector of the storm, but all indications are the front will lose its upper support and moisture supply by the time it reaches Georgia, thus leaving us without any rain as the front moves in.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

PM temperature forecast
PM temperature forecast
Forecast map for Saturday AM
Forecast map for Saturday AM

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