Residents on edge after cop impersonation shooting in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Columbus Police say the Ticknor Drive shooting investigation is ongoing.

According to our media partner – The Ledger Enquirer it happened Tuesday around midnight.

Neighbors in the area say this incident, is causing them to come up with preventative measures when it comes to crime.

Columbus Police say the Ticknor Drive shooting investigation is ongoing.

“When we’re asking these questions um no hold your badge up. When we’re calling 911 you wanna stay on the phone until they be like they’re at your door. I want to hear that part that you’re at my door.” says Pauletta King.

And though a badge may suffice for some, others in the area say they’re gonna need to see some documentation from law enforcement.

We caught up with one man who fears for his safety and did not want to go on camera.

He’s expecting officers to do more when it comes to proving they’re the real thing.

“It’s a piece of paper that police officers are supposed to carry on them that gives them the order to arrest. I’d have to ask for that. If they don’t present that, they’re not gaining no entry.”

Major Gil Slouchick with the Columbus Police Department weighs in.

He’s providing some insight on the multiple shootings that have happened.

“We don’t have any evidence to indicate that things are tied together however we always go in to these investigations with an open mind. These aren’t random type shootings.” says Slouchick.

Police say, anyone with information is asked to contact Columbus Police at 706-225-4334.

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