Closing arguments begin in trial of man accused of murdering girlfriend, her son

(File: WRBL)

COLUMBUS, Ga — Prosecutors and defense lawyers make their final appeal to jurors Wednesday in the trial of a man accused for murdering his girlfriend and her 6-year-old son.

As News 3 reported, Vince Harris faces two murder charges in the Feb. 24, 2012, fatal shootings of 47-year-old Tina Green Hall and her son, Jeremy, both of whom Harris reports finding dead in the home he shared with Hall – 2352 Howe Avenue.

News 3’s media partner The Ledger-Enquirer reports prosecutors say Harris snapped after so much stress related to the women in his life.

Harris was reportedly living with Hall because another woman had kicked him out of a house he owned in Harris County after he added her name to the deed. Investigators have also said Harris was furious about being kicked out on top of the alimony he had to pay his second wife and about alimony his third wife was demanding.

On Feb. 22, 2012, two days before the Friday the mother and son died, Harris had a hearing in civil court, where a judge told him he would be jailed if he didn’t pay $471 in alimony.

The Ledger reports earlier in Harris’ trial, a friend testified hearing Harris say he would kill a woman before he let her “put him out again”.

Harris took the stand in his defense Tuesday. According to The Ledger, Harris maintains that Hall killed her son, then herself, because she was deeply in debt and did not want the burden on her son or herself.

Evidence collected by police and cold-case investigators appears to show Hall was likely not the shooter because the angle of the bullet that traveled through her skull was on the wrong side for a right-handed woman. The Ledger reports cold-case investigators found no visible gunshot residue on her hands.

The report also says investigators found the path of the bullet that killed Jeremy appears to show Hall was shot first – contrary to Harris’ testimony. More evidence from the bodies shows both victims died about eight hours before Harris reports finding the pair at 1 p.m.

A defense attorney for Harris argues there is still no forensic evidence tying Harris to the crime and no eyewitnesses. The defense calls for an acquittal of all charges.

Prosecutors counter the evidence is enough to prove the tragedy didn’t happen as Harris claims and say it is more likely the man shot mother and son before he left for work in the morning – around 5:30 a.m.

Harris faces life in prison if convicted.


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