Wildfire along Marion-Talbot County line extinguished


MAUK, Ga. – Authorities in Marion County have extinguished a fire that was burning near Moores Chapel Road outside Mauk Tuesday.

Dispatchers say the fire began as a brush fire and described the blaze as “out of control” at one point. A plane deployed by authorities estimated the fire had burned between 250 and 300 acres of forest, but no public building or homes were damaged.

“We did not have to vacate any home. We had our local fire department with help form pretty much every fire department… Marion, the Butler fire department who is here…they all stayed with local residents to ensure that we had those protected in case the fire made it to them,” says Chief Ranger R.T. Lumpkin.

The wildfire was contained around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

MARION COUNTY, Ga — Middle Flint Dispatch confirms firefighters are working to contain an “out of control” wildfire at the Marion-Taylor County line.

Dispatchers say the fire began as a brush fire on Moores Chapel Road outside Mauk. Talbot County EMA Director Leigh Ann Erenheim tells News 3 she has heard fire crews are in place to try and protect structures and people nearby.

She says emergency planes are on the way to try and contain the blaze.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 3 for updates.

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