Reading score for Alabama schools stands at 32 percent

RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala – Representatives with the Russell County Board of Education say,  third graders appear to be taking one of the hardest hits.

The combined reading score for those Alabama students stands at 26 percent this year.

That’s down four points from last year.

Debbie Webster works for the Board of Education.

She has a plan to improve scores.

“We have four ARI funded coaches that we’ve sent back to the schools. By their guidance they are strictly working with third grade teachers and their practices. They’re also spending about 80 percent of their time pulling their students who scored in need of support and also students who struggled on other assessments,” says Webster.

ARI stands for “Alabama Reading Initiative”.

That’s just part of the plan to help students succeed.

“We’re providing a lot of professional development to our teachers. We’re even looking at purchasing some new intervention programs, we’re pulling kids for school and offering tutoring or opportunities after school,” says Webster.

Alabama schools are also looking at changing the schools grading system.

Schools are currently graded A through F.

Starting in December that will change.

“Still sounds like we’re gonna have measurements in student achievement in the district and school local indicator and in learning gains,” says Webster.

Gains that instructors hope will come quickly.


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