House of Heroes offers year-round help to America’s heroes and their families

COLUMBUS, Ga- Some volunteers spent Veteran’s Day using personal leave time from their jobs and putting personal plans on-hold to make repairs to the home of Veterans’ and their families.  But it’s a mission that goes on year-round for the House of Heroes.

This isn’t your typical home improvement day.  But, then again, this isn’t your typical home improvement crew.

Their careers are at TSYS.  But their hearts are here, volunteering as a part of House of Heroes.

“There’s a lot of Veterans that come back and stay in Columbus, so we feel like it’s very important to support them and to give back to them for being here,” says Reggie Lewis TSYS Director of Application Development and House of Heroes Board Member.

Twenty-four TSYS workers took personal leave from work on Veteran’s Day. They came to the home of Mrs. Rose Marie Mast. Her husband, Lt. Col. Jessie D. Mast, served three tours in Vietnam and gave our country a total of 42 years of military service. He died a year ago.

But that’s where House of Heroes comes in. They help American heroes and their families left behind with home repairs and clean-up.

HOH volunteers Traci Condon and Elyse Hall both have ties to the military through their own family members. For them, being there to help Mrs. Mast is deeply meaningful.

“She recently lost her husband. So being here to help her and help her around the house, do some things she is not able to do herself, just giving back to the community [feels good],” says Traci Condon, TSYS Technical Consultant and HOH Volunteer.

“So it’s nice for us all to come together to help out, just even with the garage, to make that one less stress for her,” says Elyse Hall, TSYS Programmer and HOH Volunteer.

With Veteran’s Day being November 11, it’s not uncommon that this time of year our veterans and their families are on our minds. But, it’s important to note, that the good work done by the volunteers of the House of Heroes goes on year round.

“It’s not just military. It’s also dealing with police, EMS, and guys like that. So, it’s really trying to give back to our community because people need help, and don’t always realize that, and by coming into an organization like HOH, you can definitely how many people need help,” says Lewis.

The group says the work they did Friday at Mrs. Mast’s home is just the beginning. They plan to return later to finish up repairs for her.

House of Heroes is always searching for volunteers.

His company, TSYS, allowed both he and more than 20 colleagues to use personal time off from work to volunteer for House of Heroes on Veteran’s Day.

Lewis says he would like to see more companies get involved.

Please click the House of Heroes link to find out more about the organization and how you can help.

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