Community discusses idea of cell tower in Lakebottom Park

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Dozens of folks met for a public meeting to discuss the idea of a cell tower coming to Lakebottom.  James McNicol with the B+T Group says they are proposing a flag pole type cell tower in Lakebottom Park.

The flag pole design would still allow for cellphone coverage inside the pole.  He says they are working with T-Mobile right now, but the pole itself could probably serve four to five carriers.

“Revenue to the city if we put it in the park. Everywhere we put these we have to ground lease agreements and essentially this would be a ground lease agreement with the city, which would be beneficial to them, but again they’ve already made it apparent to us that won’t be their deciding factor,” McNicol said.

Anne King with MidTown Inc. does not want to see a cell tower come to Lakebottom Park.

“I think that’s a trade-off that personally I would not be willing to trade-off this valued and much loved public space for that increased revenue,” she said.

McNicol says they will review feedback from Monday night’s meeting with the city.  They will then see if city officials want an official proposal.




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