News 3 exclusive with NAACP winners

COLUMBUS, Ga.- This weekend dozens of people cast their ballots for the local leaders of the NAACP. Tonza Thomas was reelected as the president and Freddie Williams was reelected as the First Vice president of the NAACP. News 3 spoke with them to find out what’s next for the organization.

Tonza Thomas ran against Rev. Walter Taylor for President of the Columbus NAACP.

She won by a vote of 32 to 13.

Thomas says despite the low number of votes, she’s still pleased with the results.

“When I looked and I saw that 32 people voted for me, although it’s a small number. I saw that 32 people came out to cast a ballot for me I was excited,” said Thomas.

Freddie Williams, the reelected First Vice President, said he had a sigh of relief when the results came in.

He says his priority is serving the people of Muscogee County .

Williams said, “We know now that we can continue to move forward and we don’t have to worry about people coming in and tearing down the work that we have already started.

Williams also says this term they will continue to fight for equality and justice for all.

“The NAACP is not a hate organization, but we will deal with hate and we will not run or back down from anybody,” said Williams.

Thomas explains what the civil rights organizations plans are moving forward, “We plan on continuing our work with the Muscogee County jail project as well as going back and evaluating rapid resolution, which is a tool that we use with the Muscogee County Jail to make sure it isn’t over crowded.”

The President and First Vice President both agree they need help to make a difference in the community.

Thomas said, “So all you nay sayers don’t push us away come and lend your support to our organization.”

Both Thomas and Williams have been involved in the NAACP for 10 years and they’re ready to continue to promote education, health, economic sustainability, criminal justice, political representation and young adult engagement in our community.

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