Transition of presidential power: What this means for Georgia and Alabama

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Local political observers are weighing in on the presidential transition of power.

In a story you’ll see only on three, we’re learning what it could mean for some powerful names in Georgia and Alabama.

Many were surprised by how well yesterday’s meeting went between President Barack Obama and President Elect Donald Trump.

Local members of the Republican Party say this could mean good things for representatives in our area, like Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and former Columbus Native Newt Gingrich.

Joseph Brannan, a member of the Muscogee County Republican Party says, he especially expects good things for our military.

“Well we talk about military I think Georgia and Alabama or big places for military installations you could see where President Elect Trump might have more aggressive posture on defense national defense which for Fort Benning and other bases in Alabama could mean more troops,” says Brannan.

Brannan says he’s glad to see the transition of power take place, and that the South could be strongly represented in D.C.

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