Peak flu season approaches, doctors remind parents to get children vaccinated

Peak flu season is right around the corner and local doctors remind everyone to get their children and themselves vaccinated.

Dr. Ritu Chandra with the Preferred Medical Group in Phenix City says the peak flu season for the Valley usually hits between December to February.

The Centers for Disease Control announced last summer the nasal flu vaccine is not potent enough to combat the virus. The agency recommends the injection version.

Dr. Chandra says the CDC plans to revisit the concept of flu mist in upcoming virus seasons. She says they hope to make the future formula more potent, but in the meantime – shots are the only way to go.

Dr. Chandra warns parents against letting their kids slide past the dreaded flu shot on fear of the pain.

“We’re big believers in getting the protection by taking the flu vaccine because a shot is a whole lot easier than dealing with the flu,” she says. “Once you come down with the flu, people typically have temperatures of 103, 104, coughing, body aches. Some adults describe it as being hit by a truck.”

Dr. Chandra says the vaccine takes two weeks to work into the bloodstream so everyone should get their shots as soon as possible.

For the kiddies dreading the prick of the needle – she suggests bribes of treats and toys.

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