Medical condition does not stop a woman from voting in Lee County


LEE COUNTY, Ala.- Many people use their car to get to their polling place to cast their votes on election day, but not many people get their by way of an ambulance.

On Election Day, an ambulance was one Lee County woman’s mode of transportation to her polling place at the Clarion Inn on South College Street in Auburn.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones witnessed the event take place. He said an ambulance pulled up to the precinct, and the paramedics brought a woman who was on a stretcher out of the ambulance. Sheriff Jones recognized the family of the woman, and asked what the circumstances were.

The sheriff said that the woman suffered a medical emergency the night before, but she had never missed an election in her life, and did not want to break the streak on Tuesday. Sheriff Jones said it was tough to put into words what it meant to see this event take place.

“I was just singularly impressed with the dedication of this lady who was not going to let a medical issue stand in her way of casting her ballot,” Sheriff Jones said. “I think that represents exactly what being a great citizen of this great nation is all about.”

Sheriff Jones went onto say that this woman underscores what it means to be a citizen of this country, and one who takes casting a ballot as a sacred thing. He said that her actions should serve as a lesson to young folks.

“I hope that they look at her example and would take that to heart and realize what a privilege it is to exercise the right to vote in a country that is free to do so, and how important that is and to always make sure it stays that way,” Sheriff Jones said.

This account carries even more weight on Veterans Day as the Veterans paid sacrifices to defend the great freedoms we have in this country such as voting.

Earl Sumners who served in the Navy during World War 2 was speechless when he heard about this woman’s voting efforts.

“I can’t describe it to be honest with you,” Sumners said. “I just can’t describe it. But, it’s nice. I’ll say that. It’s touching, and it kind of makes the chill bumps run up and down your back to be honest with you.”


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