Local vets paved into history

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Richarda Logacz, lost her husband in 2014 and in honor of her husband she came to the National Infantry Museum.

Logacz said, “I’m here for the paver dedication ceremony and my husband received a paver from my daughter two years ago so I come out to support all of our veterans.”

Logcaz says the museum means a lot to her because it holds priceless memories of her late husband.

“The last pictures that we had together was actually in front of this museum, so the museum is important to me as well as the pavers dedication,” said Logcaz.

She wants to make sure he isn’t forgotten.

Logcaz said, “I dedicated a flower and a flag in honor of him and I also wanted to put a face to his name so I choose a few pictures of him.”

Harry Kone, a Marine that served at Guadalcanal, comes to the museum to remember his service

Kone said, “Once a Marine you’re always a Marine. We were well trained and we did what we had to do and we did it right. We had marvelous leadership and I was very proud to be a Marine.”

Kone said he’s proud of our men and women who served our country and he has a special message for them.

“We’re so proud of you and you have a much more difficult time than we had. We wish you God’s speed and protection and just do your duty and you’ll be honoring yourself and also your country,” said Kone.

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