Don’t fill up on turkey and stocking stuffers without considering our neighbors in need

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Now that the election is behind us it is time to really start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But don’t plan for these big celebrations without figuring out a way to intentionally weave the needs of our community into our giving tapestry this holiday season.

If you are short on cash you can give your time. That’s what I did this week and it felt so good too. I was blessed to be able to go holiday shopping for the kids enrolled in the Valley Rescue Mission’s Christmas gift program.

“The purpose is to show these kids that people care about them and a lot of them are kids who wouldn’t get toys otherwise,” says Devin Taylor, with the Valley Rescue Mission.

The deadline for receiving from this program is behind us, but there’s no a deadline for giving. The need is huge this year! Mitzie Oxford with the Valley Rescue Mission tells News 3 since the city started clearing out the more traditional homeless camps it has increased the burden on their ministry as whole. So they will still take your unwrapped toys. Also Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are around the corner. To buy a meal for a fellow man is just $2.05. Again they don’t just need money. They will also need volunteers to help deliver all the meals. Here’s a quick run down of just some of what’s needed if you want to directly donate food:

Pasta sauce
Dried beans
Canned corn, carrots, mixed vegetables, etc.
Mashed potato flakes
Canned soups
Ramen Noodles
Instant oatmeal/grits
Cereal bars
Drink mixes
Canned tuna, chicken, ham, Spam
Fruit cocktail
Peanut butter

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