Safe Harbor Act gives hope to sex crimes victims

(File: CBS)

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Thousands of Georgia voters gave thumbs up to Amendment 2 on Tuesday’s ballot.

The amendment gives funding to sex trafficking victims.

The Safe Harbor Act passed allowing local organizations to continue their fight against sex trafficking in the Valley.

Bobbi Starr, a Team Lead for Set Free Columbus, says jons and pimps will now be held more accountable.

Starr said, “They’re going to be held accountable instead of these kids which has been happening for years and I think this has really got to people because the sense of justice for the kids and the understanding that they’re putting heavier penalties on the perpetrators.”

The amendment allows the money seized from sex trafficking operations to be used for victims.

Dr. Joseph Zanga, Co-Chair of the Rotary Committee on Sex Trafficking says victims need as much support possible.

“They not only suffer physical trauma which in many cases is easy to deal with, but they suffer from the emotional scars which are long lived and difficult to treat,” said Zanga.

Starr says the Safe Harbor Act will help reduce the number of trafficking crimes in the Valley.

“Eventual eradication of trafficking of children and this is a step along that way to decrease the amount of trafficking in Georgia so that people are put on alert,” said Starr.

With the additional ammunition to fight the trafficking battle one victim at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about “Set Free Columbus” which helps trafficking victims across the Valley click here.

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