Impact 360 Institute celebrates expansion in Pine Mountain

PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga- Perhaps you’ve noticed the Impact 360 Institute in Pine Mountain if you’ve passed through the area– and if you haven’t, you will. That’s because the Christian-based education organization is completing a 27 million dollar expansion project.

The construction project will reach a milestone Friday, November 11, when the organization will celebrate its topping off ceremony.

“Topping off ceremony basically is that all the work begins to start to take place underneath, inside. So the roofs are on, the shingles are down, and it’s time now to get drywall and electric in the building and starting finishing these things off,” says Eric Turner, Director of Operational Services at the Impact 360 Institute.

With each tap of the hammer . . and every coat of mortar– Impact 360 Institute comes closer to reaching its goal of completing this $27 million dollar addition to its campus.

And why this need for expansion?  More young people are taking a year break between high school and college.

“It’s a reflection of our desire to continue to invest in the growing number of students who are looking for this type of experience,” says Phil Alsup, executive director of the Impact 360 Institute.

Impact 360 offers a spiritual and challenging way to fill the GAP in between students’ time in high school and college.

“As a distinctively Christian GAP year is what we do is we come along side and really help them own their faith in a way that they can articulate what they believe and why, and the reasons for that, and then how it applies to every area of life,” says Jonathan Morrow, director of cultural engagement for Impact 360 Institute.

Impact 360 says it has tracked the success of its graduates, and, on average, they complete college faster than the national average.

“They leave here. They don’t tend to change majors. They get through college more quickly because they come away from here with an understanding of who they are designed to be and how they can contribute to society,” says Alsup.

Hannah Purdie is an enrollment coordinator at the Impact 360 Institute. But she started out here a few years ago as a student. She says the time she spent here was a wise investment in her future.

“So it’s just the gift of taking time away and saying, ‘I’m choosing to  wrestle through the real and true doubts that I have about my faith, to wrestle through who am I, how has God wired me, and choosing to really work through that before you make lifelong decisions of what comes next,” says Purdie.

Students who participate in the nine month program at Impact 360 can earn up to 18 hours of transferable college credit.

To learn more about the program, visit Impact 360 Institute’s homepage.

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