Reaction to Muscogee Co. Sheriff race & local results being released so late

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga. – Donna Tompkins and Sheriff John Darr are now in a run-off for Muscogee County Sheriff.

Following the election, Tompkins received 44 percent of the vote. Sheriff Darr received 32 percent.

Tompkins says she’s ready to give her all.


“Everything you’ve ever learned and everything you’ve ever gone through has to be sharpened and honed and that’s when you have to be your very best. The other thing is you never give up. You never give up hope. You just keep doing what you’re doing and press on, “says Tompkins.

News 3 reached out to Sheriff Darr for comment but we were unable to reach him.

In another race, Muscogee voters opted to keep the freeze on property taxes.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says the freeze is hurting Columbus.

“I can tell you they’re already thinking of some things we can do to make it through the next year and the next year but again those are short term solutions and so we have to understand that the freeze is strangling us. I’m not saying that to be dramatic I say that because it’s a financial fact. It’s a fact of math,” says Tomlinson.


Another issue was Muscogee County election results not being released until 5 a.m.

We paid a visit to the Muscogee County Supervisor of Elections Office. Representatives there tell us that they are aware of the complaints. Today they’re offering up their side of the story.

“Military and overseas citizens receive electronic ballots. Those electronic ballots are sent to them through email and then are printed off and returned to us. Since we can’t run paper through our voting machines we have to copy that onto actual absentee ballots. Then there is a vote review panel must review those votes to ensure that they are cast appropriately,” says Boren.

Representatives add, that process can be very tedious leading to a late night, or in this case a early morning.

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