Rain Close but Stays Away

A front advancing southward through our area today has brought clouds and even some rain.  The rain, though, has been suppressed well to the south and poured on the Florida gulf coast during the early morning hours, well too far away to do our area any good.  Once the front is able to push through Georgia and Alabama, a cooler air mass will surge in and clear our skies in the afternoon, leading to sunny days for the rest of the week.

On Friday another cold front will plunge into the Southeast, again bringing no rain for us but reinforcing the cool, dry air with an even cooler air mass behind it for the weekend.  This could bring some of the coldest air of the season with lows possibly dropping below 40º and highs both Saturday and Sunday likely to climb only into the 60s.

The high of 67º on Tuesday was the coolest high temperature in Columbus since April 15 this year.  Our rain deficit continues to grow and drought gets worse; the city has not had measurable rain since October 16 and only two days with any rain in the last 52.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

Hour by hour forecast for November 9
Hour by hour forecast for November 9

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