Muscogee voters say “No!” to Thaw the Freeze, sheriff race heads to runoff

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga — Election results sent to WRBL News 3 show Muscogee County voters said an overwhelming “no” to the Thaw the Freeze referendum.

Poll numbers show only 38 percent of voters chose to Thaw the Freeze, while 62 percent – at 40,969 people – chose to keep the current state of the housing tax.

The Thaw the Freeze referendum proposed placing new home buyers in the highest tax bracket while long-time home owners would pay lower taxes. Under the referendum, owners who bought their homes during the tax freeze period – when house buyers paid a flat standard tax rate – would be grandfathered in and keep paying their standardized taxes.

The race for Muscogee County sheriff isn’t over yet, as Donna Tompkins (D) and John Darr (I) head into a runoff election.

Tompkins took away 44 percent of Muscogee County voters while Darr walks away with 32 percent, according to the election office’s numbers. Since the race involved more than two candidates, a winner would need 50 percent plus one votes.

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