More reported voting issues in Muscogee County

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, Ga. – Several voters claim they had a tough time at the polls.

They were allegedly told to leave but after hours of putting up a fight, they were finally able to cast their votes.

The incident happened at Columbus Tech College.

They say, when they tried to vote they were told they couldn’t because it looked like they had already done so.

Gina Blackhurst says she was told that it looked like she voted before arriving to Columbus tech.

She says she this confused her, because she arrived at Columbus Tech at 7:00 a.m.

Remember that’s when the polls opened.

She decided to contact state representatives.

They contacted the precinct and that’s when Blackhurst and the others, were allowed to vote.

Before that though, she says she and others were being mistreated.

“The whole time basically they treated us as though we were just a burden to them standing over there. They didn’t try and do anything to help us. They pretty much called us liars the whole time we were standing there,” says Blackhurst.

She says, she and the others who were originally told they couldn’t vote had to wait for hours before the decision was changed.

I reached out to Nancy Boren, the Muscogee County Supervisor of Elections about this.

She says, it’s not clear why the system would say someone had voted, when they hadn’t.

She says, shes looking in to this issue and will update us as soon as she can.

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