Stick of old dynamite found prompts soft-lock down of elementary school

LANETT, Ala. – Two people find what appeared to be a stick of old dynamite while cleaning up trash Monday in the 3900 block of 32nd Street in Huguley.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Montgomery were contacted and a photo was taken of the item and sent to ATF.

An Agent with the ALEA Bomb Squad was sent to the location. Officials with ATF advised there was no need for evacuation of the school but that all students and faculty remain inside of an enclosed structure.

Contact was made with Officials of Huguley Elementary to advise them of the situation. The decision was made to put the school on “Soft Lock-down” to keep faculty and students inside until agents could arrive to take possession.

The item found was not believed to be a cause for evacuation as determined by ATF. Agents arrived and determined the item was an old stick of dynamite, possibly from 1972.

The item no longer contained ingredients that could be used in a harmful manner. Due to the arrival of agents and the time parents arrive to pick up students, the road was blocked until agents took possession of the item and determined it to be safe and gave the “all clear”. Once this took place the road was reopened and traffic was able to resume.

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