Russell County students learn about democracy with mock presidential election

LADONIA, Ala —  Adults head to the polls on Election Day to pick a new president, and Monday Russell County students had that same opportunity. The exercise was more than one recognizing Tuesday’s election. Educators used the mock presidential election to teach students about voting and good citizenship.

“You’ve got two choices. Here’s Hillary Clinton. You see her? And here’s Mr. Donald Trump. Who would you like to pick?”

Reporters are supposed to remain impartial – always.  Especially when it comes to politics. But let’s face it. Are these not the cutest little voters you’ve ever seen?

“And the kids are all decorated. They’re all dressed up in red, white, and blue, and just excited to be Americans,” says Pam Simpson, principal of Ladonia Elementary School.

These elementary schoolers are getting a feel for the real experience. They fill out registration cards, arrive at the polling station, stand in line, wait their turn, cast their ballot, and get their “I voted” sticker.

“Did you have fun voting? We’re going to put this on your shirt, okay? Show Mama and Daddy.”

“We did. We wanted it to be exactly like their parents were going to. We put up the signs. We stayed after Friday, and our parent organization, TPC, help us get everything. They wanted it to be as realistic as possible. We wanted them to have individual voting areas,” says Principal Simpson.

One thing educators have stressed to these children – – something we can all learn from– is not to let their differences in politics impact their friendships.

“We’ve told them that– that’s your opinion. You’ve looked at this, you’ve decided who you want to vote for, and then we’re going to support whoever wins. So, we’ve stressed that to them,” says Principal Simpson.

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