“Computer glitch” blocks Columbus voters at the polls

COLUMBUS, Ga — Voters calling in to WRBL News 3 tell our reporters poll machines refuse to take their votes, claiming they have already voted.

Poll workers at Columbus Technical College confirm to a News 3 reporter that a “computer glitch” caused the machines to mistakenly block voters, but add the situation is “under control”.

Jessie Rathel is a young voter who almost didn’t get to cast her ballot today because of this issue. She says did not submit for an absentee ballot and decided to wait until election day to make her decision.

Rathel says errors like this make her take voter fraud much more seriously.

“I didn’t think that was a big deal. People that have passed away, you know, people come in and try to take their vote because they’re dead. I thought this is crazy,” she says.

“People trying to steal my vote because I’m alive, and I’m still trying to make my voice heard, too.”

Poll workers talking with our reporter say they have no reason to believe the glitch is related to voter fraud – however, they say they still don’t know what caused the problem.

They say they are confident is has been corrected and everyone blocked at the machines has now been able to cast their vote.


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