Alabama, Georgia voters head to the polls

Voters line up at Smiths Station Junior High stretching around the building 30 minutes before polls open at 7 a.m. Central time. (WRBL)


Voting is underway in Alabama and Republicans are confident that Donald Trump will win the state.

Alabama has gone Republican in every presidential election since voting for Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Trump both visited Alabama during their respective primary battles, but both candidates have concentrated their efforts on battleground states.

Secretary of State John Merrill has predicted a record number of voters will cast ballots Tuesday after voter registration hit a record high of 3.3 million.

None of Alabama’s four U.S. House races or the lone Senate race on the ballot are expected to be very close given the name recognition and vast amounts of campaign money available to the Republican incumbents.

Alabama voters also face 14 amendments that will affect everything from state parks to the age of public officeholders to beer.

The polls will remain open until 7 p.m.


Georgia voters are heading to the polls to determine whether the state will remain red or go to a Democratic presidential candidate.

Republicans remain confident they can keep the state in Donald Trump’s column Tuesday. Public polling suggests Trump is clinging to a small lead over Hillary Clinton.

But Democrats hope Trump’s unpopularity with minority voters and GOP-leaning women gives Clinton an opening.

Former president Bill Clinton is the last Democrat to take Georgia. That was in 1992.

President Barack Obama lost Georgia to John McCain by six points and to Mitt Romney by eight. Democrats here say even a closer loss than Obama’s contests means Georgia is headed for battleground state status.

Voters also will decide whether to send Republican Johnny Isakson back to the U.S. Senate for a third term.

Isakson faces Democrat Jim Barksdale and Libertarian Allen Buckley on the ballot.

Eight U.S. House incumbents also face opposition.

Further down the ballot are four proposed amendments to Georgia’s constitution. One would allow the state to take over public schools that consistently fail to meet standards.

Another amendment would impose a new tax on strip clubs.

Polls will remain open until 7 p.m.

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