Top Georgia GOP political leaders stump for Isakson, rally voters ahead of election day

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is throwing his support behind the Republican ticket.
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is throwing his support behind the Republican ticket.

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Some of the top GOP political leaders in the state of Georgia are canvassing Columbus and 3 other cities Monday in a final effort to get voters to the polls on election day. Gov. Nathan Deal (R, Georgia), Sen. Johnny Isakson (R, GA), Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R, 3rd District, GA), and U.S. House candidate Drew Ferguson all met at the Columbus Airport Monday. They reminded voters not to let anything stop them from making their voices heard.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp expects nearly two million Georgians will stand in line to cast their ballots Tuesday. In Columbus, Sen. Isakson stresses that this is the most important race in current American history.

“Columbus and Muscogee County always play a big role in Georgia and we want to get every vote we can in each corner of the state,” Sen. Isakson said.

Along with the Fountain City, Gov. Deal and Sen. Isakson stumped in Macon, Albany and Cobb County. In an election cycle in which common ground is hard to find, both Democrats and Republicans agree that Tuesday’s election will make history. And while Columbus voters consider voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the top Georgia political leaders stand united.

“[Donald Trump] is my party’s nominee and I’m going to support him,” Gov. Deal said. “And I hope those who want a change in Washington will support him as well.”

Drew Ferguson, who hopes to succeed Rep. Westmoreland as the 3rd District’s congressman, believes consolidated support for Trump since the convention will ultimately prevail in the election.

“America is not looking at Trump’s past,” Ferguson explained. “They’re looking at its future.”

Gov. Deal is also supporting Isakson’s reelection bid against Democrat Jim Barksdale and Libertarian Allen Buckley.

Some voters might be worried or discouraged about rumored security threats or long lines at the polls. Sec. Kemp stopped in six Georgia cities to offer updates on early voting, as well as ease minds about potential problems at the polls.

“We have a secure system in Georgia despite all you’ve seen in the news about cyber security and rigging, what have you,” Kemp said. “[There’s] multiple testing on these units before they’re deployed before an election. There are policies and procedures to follow to make sure we have proper security protocols.”

Kemp reminds people to review their choices on the summary screen of the voting machine. He advises anyone who experiences a problem while voting to contact an election official or poll worker on site immediately. Sen. Isakson believes Georgia is well prepared for any possible curve balls on election day.

“Fortunately, Georgia is the headquarters for the cyber command at Fort Gordon,” Isakson said. “Fort Gordon on the east side of the state and Fort Benning on the west side of the state with Ft. Benning are the two keys to security in our country.”

Some people might become discouraged because of long lines. But Ferguson reassures them that for a basic American right, no wait is too long.

“It doesn’t matter how long the line is,” Ferguson said. “It doesn’t matter how tough it may seem to do it. It is a right guaranteed to you as an American to decide the future of this country. It is so important. This is going to be a close race. And every single vote will matter.”

“Certainly the weather seems to be cooperating.” Deal said. “And just as soon as the election is over with, I’m praying that it’s going to start raining.”

For Georgia election information, please click here.

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