Smiths Station Mayor takes oath of office

SMITHS STATION, Ala. – There is officially a new mayor in Smiths Station for the second time ever.  Mayor F.L. “Bubba” Copleland took the oath of office Monday.  He is taking over for the city’s first ever mayor, LaFaye Dellinger.

One of Copeland’s first priorities is helping the City of Smiths Station grow.

“Want to grow in a positive way.  Not growing that will not be attractive to our city, but grow in such a way to keep our rural roots, but also grow in such a way that we could get a tax base as well as create things for our citizens,” Copeland said.

He says he is looking forward to getting involved with the people.

“Creating excitement.  Being involved.  Visiting things and doing things for  all citizens of Smiths Station and working good with our partners in Phenix City and Opelika and learning from them and working together to make East Alabama the best place possible,” Copeland explained.

Lee County Probate Judge Bill English administered the mayor’s oath of office.  He recalls the creation of the City of Smiths Station more than a decade ago.

“When the city was incorporated in the summer of 2001 we signed the document creating the city after the election was successful,” English said.

It’s when the city was created that Copeland says it became his goal to be the mayor.

“When I saw that the city had started, I knew at that time in my life it wasn’t time, but after being in the school board and working, I figure out that was what I wanted to do and that’s what I’ve become,” he said.

Dellinger served 15 years as the Mayor of Smiths Station.

“I want to build on top of what she has done,” Copeland said.

The five city council members also took an oath of office Monday evening.


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