Montgomery man accused of committing 10 robberies in 8 days

Suspect DeGregory Lee (Montgomery County Sheriffs Office)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A Montgomery man has been arrested and is accused of robbing 10 different businesses at gunpoint in the span of eight days.

Montgomery police tell news outlets that DeGregory Lee was arrested November 3 and is charged with 16 counts of first-degree robbery. The crimes all happened at night, and all but one of the 10 targeted businesses were foreign.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports the spree lasted from October 24 through October 31.

On October 24, Lee allegedly held up two people at the Hyundai Market on Woodmere Boulevard and stole three cell phones, two checks, $57 at gunpoint and $150 from the register.

Minutes later, Midori Sushi and Bar was robbed of $200 at gunpoint.

On October 25, Lee allegedly robbed an Alabama Hotel clerk. The next day, he allegedly stole $300 from King Garden’s register, $1000 from San Marcos’ register and $500 from someone inside San Marcos at the time.

On October 30, China King, Tai Ji Acupressure, and Satsuki Japanese were targeted. Debit cards and $900 cash were stolen from China King, two people were robbed at Tai Ji, and four at Satsuki were robbed of $10,000 in Korean currency, $210 cash, a debit card, two cell phones and a Louis Vuitton purse reportedly worth $900.

On Halloween, the clerks of New China and El Campesino were robbed of $1800 total.

Lee was arrested by U.S. Marshals on November 3 and is being held under bonds totaling $960,000. His request for a bond reduction was denied.

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