Local Democrats say to take the whole ballot into consideration

COLUMBUS, Ga. – One of the main things that volunteers are pushing for is to not solely be focused on the presidential election but to also take into consideration just how important local elections are as well.

Volunteers and local officials with the Democratic Party gathered at the Columbus Field Office on Macon Road.

Dubose Porter, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia stopped in Columbus to deliver a very important message.

“These local issues drive the community but this national election matters in every household in Georgia. This is a defining moment for everything down the ballot,” says Porter.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson piggy-backed off of what the Chairman had to say.

“This isn’t a game and sometimes you get the feeling about politics on TV that people think it’s Dungeons and Dragons,” says Tomlinson.

She also mentioned, when it comes to this election experience is key.

“We wouldn’t let a surgeon who didn’t have experience operate on us. We wouldn’t let a pilot who had never flown before fly the plane we were flying in. So we need to look at people’s qualifications. We need to look at those people who are ready to be president or hold other high offices in our community,” says Tomlinson.

Tomlinson says Clinton will not only make history if things work out in her favor tomorrow, but she will also be the most qualified president to ever hold office.

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