Amendment Two awaits Alabama voters on Tuesday’s ballot

LEE COUNTY, Ala.- While voters in Alabama are deciding who to vote for president, they will also have to decide on 14 statewide amendments. One of the amendments is Amendment Two, which relates state park funding.

If voters vote “yes” on Tuesday, it will prohibit the reallocation of state park funds to other uses.

If voters vote “no,” it will allow the legislature to continue moving funds from the state park budget for other uses in the state.

Alabama State Parks Director, Greg Lein said since 2012, $15 million dollars has been transferred from state parks accounts to other programs. Lein said the transfers have led to difficulties in the parks. He said they have had to cancel maintenance projects, downsize staff and also the closing of five state parks.

“As that unfolds, the product we have in the state park system will continue to degrade to a point where the public no longer wants to use the parks,” Lein said. “That will be the real crisis because we are almost a self-sufficient system and when the public no longer wants to use the parks, there will be no money to revenue the parks, whatever’s left over from these transfers.”

Those who are not in favor of the amendment feel that it would allow the privatization of state parks, along with resulting in improper maintenance of parks and could provide more unnecessary earmarked revenue.

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