School board member addresses several possible school closures in Muscogee County

COLUMBUS, Ga. – New details tonight about what came out of a work session this week.

We now know there are things that need to be considered- before several schools could possibly close and also before several schools could be consolidated.

I met with Pat Hughley-Green- a member of the Muscogee County School Board.

She says school population, the location, age and condition of the buildings are all things to consider- before decisions can be made.

Hughley-Green has a message for concerned parents, worried about the possible coming changes.

She’s confident the changes will be successful given her prior experiences.

“We had pre-k classes and most of the neighborhood schools and combine them down to 19 centers instead of 32 and it was difficult but it has worked out fine. Children are adaptive.

Hughley-Green says the school board is working closely with administration that will also help make school decisions for 2017.

Hughley-Green says the school board is asking administration to consider other factors other than just cost savings.

She also says right now it’s not clear which schools might close nor is it clear which schools will be consolidated.

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