Fans prepare for 27th Annual Fountain City Classic

COLUMBUS, Ga. –  Fans are getting ready outside A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium for Saturday’s Fountain City Classic.  Albany State is taking on Fort Valley State in the 27th Annual Fountain City Classic.

Edmond Singleton is ready for a full weekend of tailgating.

“I tailgate every year because it’s a good rivalry between Fort Valley and Albany State,” he said.

He started setting up his tailgate spot at eight Friday morning.  He plans to stay until seven Saturday night.

“Sleeping bag in my truck,” he said.

Robert Nevels tailgates in the same spot every year.

“We’re going to have two 20-by-20 tents, two grills, a generator, a live DJ and a whole lot of family and friends,” Nevels said.

He gets 12 tailgate spots with his friends and family.

“Favorite part about the weekend is the fellowshipping.  The friendship and the fellowshipping.  Everybody comes together all in one spot.  Old friends making new friends.  Bringing families together who haven’t seen each other in a while and just eating fellowshipping having a good time,” he explained.

Singleton has been tailgating for the Fountain City Classic since 1992.

“We get together, we cook, we play cards, and have a joyful time and from that time on we build coercion and it continues to build and we continue to do tailgating.  It’s been a marvelous thing ever since,” Singleton said.

Kick-off is at two Saturday afternoon.

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