Enrichment Services Program, Inc accepting applications from elderly, homebound to help with heating bills

COLUMBUS, Ga – The unusually warm weather probably makes it tough for many of us to think about turning on the heater– but those cooler temperatures will come– and with them those inflated power bills.

That’s why the non-profit Enrichment Services Program here in Columbus has started the process of accepting applications to help the needy with their power bills.  It’s a part of their energy assistance program.

This month, the agency is focusing on assisting seniors and the homebound.

“To be classified as a senior household, everyone in the household has to be 65 or older, unless there are children in the household 18 and younger. And then for homebound, again, everyone in the household has to be homebound,” says Belva Dorsey, Enrichment Services Program, Inc.

If you live in Muscogee County, you can call (706) 940-4033 to make an appointment to see if you qualify for assistance.

You can access the Enrichment Services Program website. You can also follow the organization’s Facebook page.

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