Alabama Extension System connecting farmers who need to buy hay with suppliers

COLUMBUS, Ga- No one knows more about the toll of this year’s drought than that of our area’s farmers. One problem they are facing is a shortage of food supply for their livestock– such as cows. Our unusually warm fall would usually mean more pasture land with grass for cows and horses. But the lack of rain has dried up the grass.

That’s meant farmers had to bring out hay earlier this year to feed their animals. In turn, some are short on hay supply. But the Alabama Extension System is doing what it can to help farmers find hay suppliers.

“We don’t have a lot of that grass out there. So they’re already having to feed hay. So often times, we can run into a little bit of hay shortage. It can be kind of hard. If there any folks out there with cows that need hay, we can help them. We have sort of a statewide database of folks that have some hay for sale,” says Jennifer Davidson, Alabama Extension Service,  Russell County Coordinator.

If you need help finding hay to purchase to feed your livestock, the Alabama Extension System is glad to help you find someone selling it.  Contact the Phenix City Extension office. The number is (334) 298-6845.

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