Push for last minute votes as the Trump bus makes a stop in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. – We are just five days away from the election and both sides are pulling out the stops in order to get last minute voters in their corners. Local Trump supporters gathered in Columbus.

The Trump bus made a stop at the Muscogee County Republican headquarters in Columbus. One of the main things Trump supporters wanted to push was getting rid of the Affordable Healthcare Act. We asked both sides of the aisle how they about that.

Ginger Howard is a Republican National Committee member for the State of Georgia. She explains what she thinks is wrong with the Affordable Healthcare Act. Meantime, others say they’re willing to be patient allowing officials time to work out some kinks.

“Many of their providers are leaving Georgia. For instance I have United and they’re leaving Georgia. You’re gonna only have two options in Georgia. My premium has almost doubled, so many people have had that experience,” says Howard.

“It’s great for those that need insurance. There are people that work part time, companies will not offer healthcare because that’s the reason they have them part time, so they don’t have that extra spending. So those that are part time will have the opportunity to have healthcare,” says Anjannett Williams.

Both sides approved to agree that the Affordable Healthcare Act has it’s share of issues and it became very clear though, both sides want what they think is best for Americans, just different ways of getting there.


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