MCSD sees graduation numbers soar

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Muscogee County School District’s graduation rate continues to outperform the national and state average.

Muscogee County improved its graduation rate by 1.5%. Carver High School’s graduation rate alone improved by 13.1%. Stefan Lawrence, Muscogee County Teacher of the Year and English teacher at Carver, credits the school’s leadership to their student’s success.

“I know when I speak for just about all of the faculty when I say we all care about these kids. We don’t accept any background that they have as being a barrier of learning and I know I echo the sentiments of our Superintendent Dr.David Lewis is committed to helping the kids and they know a zip code doesn’t determine a students success,” says Lawrence.

Lawrence believes leading by example and encouraging students to go to college and pursue their dream careers is crucial. Graduate first, a program that develops strategies for at risk students has also played a big role in the graduation rate increase.

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