Locals react for push to allow guns in schools

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Permission denied. A Georgia gun-rights group attempts to make it allowed for teachers to carry guns in classrooms. This, after a slew of school shootings across the nation.

Some might agree that this a touchy subject. While talking to people Wednesday afternoon, there definitely was a difference of opinions on guns.

This week, according to patch.com, the Georgia Supreme Court collectively ruled against gun-rights group georgiacarry.org that wanted state law changed, to let more people carry guns at schools.

Gene Lively, the owner of Shooters Vahalla in Columbus says he thinks more people should be allowed to carry, but only under one condition.

“I’m actually all for it so long as a teacher or whatever employee gets the proper training to learn how to handle, accurately fire a weapon, any situational awareness, so that they get all the information that they need on how to safely deploy that weapon in case its needed…and to keep it in a secure location,” says Lively.

The suit stemmed from the passage of two bills related to carrying guns on campus during the 2013 and 2014 legislative session. For those who don’t know, the first, House Bill 82-6, was amended to guarantee licensed firearms holders the right to carry a handgun in school “safety zones.”

The second, House Bill 60 granted the right to carry a firearm on school property, but only “when such person carries or picks up a student within a school safety zone.” One local woman, who didn’t want to be identified says, she doesn’t think that guns are the answer.

“I think that security is important and that security measures in terms of cameras or personnel that are equipped to deal with certain situations like that are more realistic.”

This week, Georgia’s Supreme Court says the lower court acted property when it dismissed the lawsuit saying, that since the second law was correctly deemed to replace the earlier one, there’s nothing to complain about.

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