Auburn police to receive 20 new police cars

AUBURN, Ala.- Thanks to a vote by the Auburn City Council, the Auburn Police Division will be receiving 20 new police vehicles soon.

They will be receiving 13, 2017 marked vehicles; two, unmarked 2017 vehicles and five, 2017 sedans.

Public Safety Director Bill James said some of the new vehicles are in part to the normal replacement cycle of vehicles, and the others are due to the expansion of police services at Auburn University. James said they try to get new vehicles each year, adding that after four or five years is the optimal time to replace them.

James said in that time, the vehicles can rack up more than 100,000 miles due to the 24/7 time on the road.

The new vehicles are expected to arrive in three months, and then they will need to be outfitted with decals, radios and other equipment before going out on the streets. Once the new ones come in and are on the streets, James said they typically put the vehicles on

The site is comparable to Ebay in which people bid on the item, and the highest bidder is the winner.

James said they will typically receive $1,500 to $3,000 for a vehicle. When the time comes, the being replaced will go to the city shop, and a purchasing agent from the city will get information on the vehicles and they will be posted to the site. People are able to visit the shop to take a look at the vehicles once they arrive.

James added that they are thankful for the city is funding the replacement program, which will ensure safe and reliable vehicles are on the road.

“It’s very important to the division and to the city that these are reliable when someone calls and says, ‘I need the police here for something,’ that our officers get there in a safe and quick manner and they aren’t breaking down,” James said.

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