Locals react to possible gas price hikes following deadly Alabama pipeline explosion

COLUMBUS, Ga. – AAA says the Colonial Pipeline explosion will likely cause drivers to pay more at the pump.

They say drivers in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic are expected to be some of the hardest hit by the high gas prices.

This creates a familiar feeling for some in our area. One woman says gas prices are already high.

“Gas is expensive ya know…so I just don’t drive too much”, says Jean Moses.

Folks looking to save should do that cut back or carpool.

Triple A says the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic was just starting to recover from the gas price hikes that stemmed from the pipeline closure back in September.

The explosion is expected to temporarily put a halt on the dip in prices that we’ve seen over the last month.

Still, at least one driver is taking the news in stride.

“Getting back and forth transportation wise and everything else ya know we just have to do what we have to do until all this has been resolved,” says Sandra James.

Experts say an extended shutdown of both lines would have a major impact on supplies and prices from the gulf coast to east coast.

During the last shutdown, the southeast faced a tight supply.

The Southeast had to rely on long-distance truck deliveries from as far as Chicago.

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