Columbus teen needs to raise $5,000 for heart transplant

COLUMBUS, Ga — “My mom told me when I was first in the hospital, and my dad, he told me, no matter what happened everything that was going to be better, and I never doubted it,” says 18 year old Trevon Falson.

“They transferred him to Emory Saint Joseph. When we got there, they had a heart failure team waiting on him.  We need a heart. He needs a heart. His heart is of no good,” says Barbara Brown, Trevon’s mother.

Trevon Falson has been approved for his heart transplant, but what stands between him and the live-saving procedure is $5,000.  Now, the family finds themselves needing the community’s help to fund Trevon’s surgery.

“We are not asking for a handout. Me and my husband, we work. My husband donates frequently. But, unfortunately, we just like most people, we live paycheck to paycheck,” says Brown.

Greg: “Barbara, given your experiences with Trevon’s illness, what comes to your mind when you hear people talk about healthcare reform?”

“It needs a total overhaul,” responds Brown. “Every day, there’s a chance of me going in there to wake him up, and him not waking up, all because somebody, these rules, and policies, they have in place are ridiculous. It’s not even made for the common people like myself.”

Greg: “Is one of the scariest things about this that it truly could happen to anybody?”

“Everything feels different. Yeah. Our world has stopped. I went out on family medical leave on June 14. September, my family medical leave was up. But fortunately, my supervisor, she’s great.  She told me, ‘Do whatever you need to do take care of him, and we’re going to hold your job for you,” says Brown.

Greg: “Trevon, is there some big life lesson that sticks out to you from all of this so far?”

“My dad, he was like, there’s a reason why all of this is happening.  Something is going to come up. Something is going to happen to where you know what you’re going to do. He says that God puts things in your life for a reason, and I believe him.”

The family has a GoFundMe account page set up to help raise the $5,000 needed to get Trevon on the waiting list for his heart transplant.

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