Clowning around in Uptown

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Some creepy clowns have been in the news of late. Casting a cloud over those who don a costume to simply make kids smile.

C.C. the Christian Clown is a familiar smiling face you’ll see at Market Days each Saturday morning in Uptown Columbus.

“I love what I do,” says Thelma Davis, C.C. the Clown..

C.C.’s life hasn’t been all smiles she says she has survived two brain hemorrhages and a divorce, enough to dampen anyone’s outlook on life. But C.C. prefers to be optimistic.

“You gotta sing it…Let it go, let it go,” says Thelma Davis, C.C. the Clown.

Her business card includes a verse from Proverbs 17:22: “Laughter doeth good like a medicine.”

“Laughter is good, makes good for the body. It really is good medicine.” It helps me,” says Thelma Davis, C.C. the Clown.

And C.C. sees to it that it helps others she charms children and their parents by crafting curious creatures out of balloons.

“Hey, watch it! He’s got a louder horn than you,” says Thelma Davis, C.C. the Clown.

C.C. really doesn’t have to toot her own horn. Her actions toward others speak for themselves.

“C.C. I see every weekend at Market Days. She’s always coming up. She’s real cheerful and cracking jokes. She just really makes my day. We love her to death,” says Kevin Reherman.

“She’s got a knack for getting into people’s hearts and making them smile. I’m glad to have C.C. Around,” says Drew Barwick.

“She makes a lot of difference. She gives away her balloons. She plays with people. She laughs. She’s very sweet.,” says Miriam Mbacke

“C.C. Is always really positive. She’s very generous and she’s always saying something nice about we were sitting down there face painting last week and she’s like, you guys are doing a really good job. C.C. – I love what I do. (honks horn),” says Linna Olinger.

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