Auburn Police hope folks have fun, but safe Halloween

AUBURN, Ala.- Auburn Police say this Halloween is just like previous years in that there will be additional officers on patrol throughout the city, including Auburn University’s campus.

“Our goal is to keep everybody safe, and for everyone to have a safe Halloween,” Captain Lorenza Dorsey said. “We want to do everything we can to ensure that happens.”

Captain Dorsey said the department wants folks to use common sense and make good decisions Halloween night. He recommended that trick-or-treaters wear costumes that are reflective, walk around in familiar areas and to be supervised.


He also urged drivers to urge extra caution, and for those walking to not be distracted by any devices.

For those who may choose consume alcohol on Halloween, police urge folks to not over indulge, do not get behind the wheel of a car and other safety measures.

“You do something in that split second that could have an effect on the rest of your life,” Captain Dorsey said. “If you get out here and you’re drinking and driving and you hurt yourself or someone else, that’s going to have an effect on you, your family and your situation.”


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