Local fair impacting the economy

COLUMBUS, Ga.-  The 2016 Greater Columbus Fair has been the talk of the town.

Marvin Dexter just moved to the Fountain City, but this is really the first time he and his son are getting involved in the community.

Dexter said, “We’ve only been here for about a year, so this is his first time coming out. I wanted to bring him out so he could interact with other kids and play games.”

Lisa Thomas Cutts, the Ticketing and Operations Manager says people from across the state come to the valley just to take part in the festivities.

Cutts said, “We’ve always had the fair, people look forward to it. Thousands and thousands of people come every year and if we didn’t have it that would be a problem.”

Kissel Entertainment is the carnival provider bringing some spectacular new rides.

Cutts said, “They got bigger rides and people have been coming and saying wow, this year is bigger and better so we are very excited about that.”

Carnival Coordinators expect to make more money this year because of the bigger attractions.

“We make thousands of dollars on the fair. This is our baby, we promote the fair and this is going to be a great year because the weather is perfect, the vendors are great and we have great food, “said Cutts.

Specialty foods are also a major draw, but Dexter says the good eats come with a hefty bill.

“I got a sausage, drink , fries and it came out to be like $22 the prices here are very expensive,” said Dexter,

Although the carnival can become expensive after a day of fun, Cutts says that doesn’t stop people from coming.

A day of family fun while also supporting the local economy.


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