Schools respond to hidden camera reports in Auburn and Opelika

AUBURN and OPELIKA, Ala. – While Kirston Dowdell sits behind bars, Auburn and Opelika schools are responding to his alleged crimes.

We’re learning what preventative plans are now in place for schools in an effort to keep the students safe.

Remember, according to Opelika Police, the FBI Children’s Task Force is now leading the investigation.

Police say they received a tip on the 13th about a camera being found in the men’s bathroom of the Football Stadium at Opelika High School.

Police say, another camera was found in the men’s bathroom of the soccer stadium at Auburn University.

A third camera location is not yet being revealed to the public but police believe it was also found in a men’s restroom.

Opelika and Auburn schools are responding to the case.

We’ll start with Opelika’s statement which reads once the Opelika City schools were informed about the location of the camera by the Opelika Police Department, all schools and facilities were immediately checked and no other devices were found.  The Opelika City Schools will continue to monitor our schools and facilities to ensure the safety of our children.

The OANOW publication reports the response from Auburn City Schools.

It reads in part, we were made aware of the situation and we combed our facilities for anything that would match what was found in Opelika, and we didn’t find anything. But we’ve got all of our people being extra vigilant with their observation. It’s on everybody’s radar.”

Take a look at the video below, on how easy it is to get your hands on similar covert cameras. Video also references chilling court document details.

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