Cooler air by the end of the week

Ending October on a record. Temperatures were clearly the main story. The old all-time record was tied at 88° from 1919. The most recent record keeping from the WFO (Weather Forecast Office) was back in 2000 at 87°. October of 2016 will go down as the 6th driest October on record. But despite all this heat, we will have a nice cool-down by the end of the week.

*The second week of November beginning on Saturday the 16th, we begin to see some consistencies in the pattern, with the southern branch of the jet-stream becoming active. A cut-off low over Texas forms over this area and rides east across the northern Gulf. This appears to clear and shear apart as it merges, with a upper level system or cold front. This may be the next best chance of rainfall.




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