Smiths Station High hosts intense mock convention and presidential election

SMITHS STATION, Ala. – On Tuesday, Smiths Station High School took part in a statewide mock election for schools.

But Smiths Station took the election to the next level — and held an all-out convention.

It was an all out showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters.

Students filled every corner of the school’s gymnasium as they cheered for their respective sides.

There was a mock secret service and even some entertainment at the convention.

In addition to there being a mock Clinton and Trump there were other mock candidates.

At some points they took shots at one another, using excerpts from real speeches.

“Don’t you believe he ought to release his tax returns like every other presidential candidate in modern history? Of course he should. Donald! What are you hiding?” says the Mock Tim Kaine.

“Mothers who can’t even afford child care to return to work to better the lives of their families. Other politicians see these hardships and say I feel for you. Only my father will say, I’ll fight for you.” says the mock Ivanka Trump.

Gypsy Cook is a former government teacher at Smiths Station High.

She explains why events like this are so important.

“I think the students will go away understanding their civic responsibility and doing what they have to do and go out and vote,” says Cook.

The results of the mock election were:

  • Donald Trump 62%
  • Hillary Clinton 27%
  • Gary Johnson 11%

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