OCTOBER: Warm & Dry, putting it into perspective

Continued dry, mild, and very warm. Although a weak front Thursday night into Friday morning will eventually drape across the region, there’s not enough moisture to squeeze out any rainfall out of these clouds. Above average readings throughout the day, with upper 50s for lows. Long range forecast models hint at more energy coming into the region this Thursday.

Where are we on average:

October will definitely go down as a well below average month for rainfall looking at 30 year averages. Thirty years brings October’s .92” so far as the 6th driest year. Average thirty year rainfall for the month of October is just under 3.00” or 2.58”

Now the mean average readings brings us so far as one of the warmest Octobers since 1984, which was 73.7° where we are 71.1° to date from our calculations.


Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

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