Georgia enjoys a slight dip in gas prices

COLUMBUS, Ga – For Georgia drivers, there’s good and bad news when it comes to gas prices. Fuel prices are higher than they were at this time last year. However, prices have fallen slightly in the past week. While drivers appreciate the price break, it’s probably temporary.

What a difference a month makes. Back in September at this time, we were worried about the possibility of a fuel shortage when the Colonial Pipeline ruptured. Now, on average, Georgians are paying 3.5 cents less a gallon at the pump for gas

According to, the average gas price in Georgia is $2.21 a gallon.

Nitin Patel’s job keeps him driving across Georgia and Alabama. He welcomes a price break, but says Columbus gas prices are usually more reasonable than Atlanta’s.

“Currently, it’s about $2.15. Atlanta, you’d pay anywhere from $2.30 to $2.40 per gallon,” says Patel.

Kimberly Gore also travels a bit from here to Atlanta.  She says lower gas prices are likely to entice more travelers to hit the highways.

“Well, it gives you a reason to need to go somewhere, so, yeah,” says Gore.

But GasBuddy warns not to get too use to these lower prices.

While Georgia is enjoying a little bit of reduced gas prices right now, if OPEC does cut production as some fear, we could see higher gas prices this winter than we did a year ago.

Nationally, the average price of gas is up almost one cent per gallon and remains higher than it was at this time last year.

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