“Georgia on My Mind Day” celebrates Georgia’s tourism

COLUMBUS, Ga- Thirteen million people per year: That’s how many visitors stop at the eleven Georgia Visitor Information Centers across the state. Friday, the Columbus location held its “Georgia on My Mind” Day. Visitors were greeted with an extra special welcome. Vendors from all over the state showcased the best Georgia has to offer.

Tourism here in the Fountain City represents a flowing stream of big business.

“We’ve tracked 1.9 million visitors last fiscal year into Columbus. They generated about a $340 million dollar economic impact. They created jobs,” says Peter Bowden, President & CEO, Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“We’ve been meeting several people from all over the state, north, east, south, west Georgia coming in, even locals come in. They’re always interested in festivals and events to stop through Reynolds because we are a stop on the way to their destination,” says Amanda Haynes, Executive Director of the Taylor County Chamber of Commerce.

Manager LaTivia Williams of the Georgia Visitor Information Center says the Columbus location re-opened October 7 after being closed for a ten-month renovation project.

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