National Teen Driver Safety Week: Tips to keep you safe

ON YOUR SIDE REPORT- This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week.

According to Triple A, teen passengers are the number one distraction for teens.

They say, deadly crashes involving teens increased by ten percent last year.

This morning, Triple A is providing some safety guidelines to follow.

The first is to not distract the driver. This means avoiding unnecessary conversations and phone use.

The next guideline is to assist the driver in making a safe ride.

You can do this by putting your phone on silent- and only answering it when necessary.

Be sure to not adjust the AC, music and or GPS while driving unless it is important that you do so.

According to TRIPLE A, six out of ten teen crashes involve driver distraction.

“Help that driver by being alert to what’s happening outside of the vehicle. If you can be an extra set of eyes and ears, that’s a helpful thing when someone’s trying to drive and get somewhere,” says Matt Nasworthy, Triple A Traffic Consultant.

Triple A also reports the top 3 mistakes that teen drivers make.

Number one is distracted driving, two is speeding and number three is poor visual scanning, when switching lanes.

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