Glenwood School honors former coach

SMITHS STATION, Ala. – Glenwood School honors one of their very own following his tragic accident death involving a semi.

Flint Sharpe died after colliding head on with a semi on Manchester Expressway last month. He once coached at the school and he also attended the school when he was a teenager. Thursday morning, Glenwood held a prayer and check presentation to be donated to the family of Sharpe.

Among others, the mother and daughter of Sharpe received the $1,000 donation on their loved one’s behalf. The mother explains how the family has been able to be so strong giving multiple interviews surrounding the death of her beloved husband.

“People have to change their life. People have got to get better. People have got to step and do the things that are right. A lot of times he would get kicked down and say what’s wrong with doing things the right way,” says Lee Sharpe.

Sharpe’s daughter Cassidy, is a student at Glenwood. She says she’s received an outcry of support from her peers. The money is expected towards funding for a basketball team at Golden Acres Baptist Church. We’re told Sharpe was very active in helping the team flourish.


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